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New Hope Baptist Church
Who are we?
    New Hope Baptist Church


New Hope Baptist Church

We are a family church located near the centre of Eastbourne. We are a group of ordinary everyday people from all walks of life and places and cultures. Discovering that God loves us so much that He gave up His son Jesus to die for us, we want to show that love to people around us.

We have lively music, excellent teaching and, above all, a very welcoming atmosphere. During our services we offer prayer to anyone who has a need and afterwards we spend time getting to know one another better over tea or coffee.

For those who are searching to understand more about Jesus, we run the Alpha Course occasionally. This gives an opportunity to talk through issues of concern.

We believe that God is moving in these times and that is evident in our services. We see God moving in our lives and the lives of many visitors who come to join with us. We are a people that seeks to bring glory and honour to the name of God.







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